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Jan 22, 2018

Activist Janet McNeill is in the studio for a chat about dealing with Canada's nuclear regulators, The CNSC. Durham regional Health Committee, emergency planning, and distribution of KI pills to 5 Million in the GTA

Current campaign - Chalk River nuclear dump proposal hearings: from Jan. 23rd to 25th

Janet McNeill - Durham Nuclear Awareness (DNA) Coordinator
DNA Web site 
DNA on Twitter 
DNA Facebook page

Pembroke Ontario - From Jan. 23 to 25 Hearings start Tuesday, Jan. 23 at 1 p.m. at the Best Western Inn and Conference Centre, close to the intersection of Highway 17 and 41.
There are more than 80 interventions for the hearing, with two-thirds of them expressing serious concerns.
These are available online at CNSC Hearings Index 

Getting the message out

Groups opposed to new nuclear license march in Ottawa

Insanity to allow nuclear waste disposal near Ottawa River, Indigenous groups say

Proposed radioactive waste disposal site in Chalk River raises concerns

Why Close Pickering? Short YouTube clips

Dr. Gordon Edwards 
Dr. Cathy Vakil, MD 
Dr. Ian Fairlie on tritium 
Nuclear engineer Frank Greening 
Weak Emergency Plans - Theresa McClenaghan, CELA 
Residents Call for the closure of the Pickering nuclear station 

DNA links

Radioactive Roads - This plan must be stopped 
Pssssst. Secret health deal 
Former nuke supporters go anti 
Quotations on the causes of the Fukushima disaster 
Nuclear Regulatory Capture, a Global Pattern 

Radiation monitoring - Safe Cast and the bGeigie Nano