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Jul 16, 2018

Ace Hoffman joins us for an update from California
Nuclear power, nuclear waste and public hearings.

Ace Hoffman is a software developer with ~35 years experience. He creates educational software for adults.
Several products are available at his web site:


His book on nuclear power, titled The Code Killers - Web Site 
The last ten years of his blog is available here 
Earlier blog entries are also available here  
His most widely-distributed essay is probably this one, on the effects of nuclear weapons 
Ace Hoffman YouTube Channel 
Email Ace Hoffman
Ace Hoffman on Twitter 

Also, some free educational software is available through Google Play and iTunes

Digital Slide Rule - a digital version of a slide rule. Includes a working nuclear bomb effects computer

Pavlov's Dog - a digital simulation of a famous psychology experiment

And one game, a free digital "spinner" - available for mobile devices